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 Fat Cat Fishing Charters Caters to Kids !

We Make Sure They Catch Fish


Bring the kids for a day they will remember a life time.

There is no better time spent together as a family than fishing with Fat Cat Fishing Charters in the Tampa Bay Fl area. The memories your kids will have will last a lifetime and give them a positive out look on life that YES I can do it, and every one in the family can participate. Make it a day or evening to remember.
Capt. Jay:
With a 175 lb Silver King. This Tarpon was around 50 to 60 years old and released alive! This Silver King took two and a half hours to bring boat side on a penn 750 with 60# Power Pro. It was caught at Eg mont Key on a Hill Tide out going with a Pass Crab and a 6/0 hook. When we released the Tarpon it had pulled the 22 ft boat close to two miles. Hooked up at Eg mont Key and released the fish in front of the mouth of  Fort De Soto  Park!  This Great Silver King Tarpon is still swimming free today! My thanks to Wayne for driving the boat and helping!
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Capt Jay Masters with a 175 lb Tarpon release.
Fat Cat Fishing charters is a great place to learn and share information and facts about the great Silver King.
Florida Fishing Charters Catching Tarpon

 Two young anglers booked a Tarpon,Grouper charter with Fat Cat fishing Charters in St.Petersburg Fl and Tampa Bay area. The morning was nice as the sun came up over the white sands of St.Pete Beach. We left the ramp and headed for a spot I know twenty five miles off shore. Soon after we dropped the anchor we had two keeper Gag Grouper and ten under size we released. One Lane Snapper and ten Key West Grunts was landed when we saw the weather moving in on us so we headed for shore. The two angler's said it was there dream to catch a Florida TARPON so I went inside the pass and set up the Tarpon rods. I had cast netted about thirty live ten inch mullet that morning on the way out to the Gulf of Mexico and was going to use them for Grouper and Tarpon bait alive. I set up and dropped the anchor and set the rods out. We was fishing for Tarpon on the edge of a pass in eleven foot of water the perfect depth for Tarpon. One angler said can you really catch fish that big in this shallow of water? I replied yes you can and about that time one of the four rods put out started singing a song. A one hundred twenty five pound Tarpon cleared the water by six foot with a large jump and the fight was on. After thirty minutes of line ripping,Tarpon jumping and a lot of excitement we brought the Silver King boat side took pictures and released it alive. The angler said it made his dream come true and couldn't thank me enough. Ten minutes later another rod bent over and another Tarpon was on the line and the fight was on with the second angler. He also landed his Tarpon and said the same thing that his dream had come true. Ten minutes later again Tarpon on and the first angler caught his second Tarpon and released it. Then the second angler caught another Tarpon and released it. We also jumped three other large fish that day.. All these Tarpon was over one hundred twenty pounds and released alive. FatCatFishingCharter.com helping dreams come true. Capt.Jay Masters

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Tarpon jumps on St.Pete Beach Fl
Fat Cat fishing charters Tampa Bay Fl offers great Tarpon fishing charters in the St.Petersburg Florida area and Gulf Beaches.
150 lb tarpon caught and released by 16 year old Matt